Ginger Elixir 桂圓紅棗薑母茶

Ginger Elixir 桂圓紅棗薑母茶

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This Ginger Elixir blend is an age-old libation in Taiwanese homes - recognized for its revitalizing properties as a remedy for the common cold or depleted qi(energy) to beat fatigue based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. A vibrantly warming cuppa, the blend of jujube, longan, and black sugar that accompany pungent ginger root are beautifully embodied in this sweet and spicy bronzed liquor.

Each serving is packaged in a dense delicious concentrated mini brick that is ready to make in an instant! Simply dissolve the mini brick in about 2 cups of boiling water (more or less depending on your personal preference) and stir until blended.  Pieces of ginger, jujube, and longan fruit will be present. 

Ginger Elixir can also be enjoyed cold - first, let the mixture cool and shake or stir over ice.

Ingredients: Black Sugar, Ginger, Longan Fruit, Jujube (Red Date)

The Box comes with 10 mini bricks and yields about 20 servings.

Read more about our informed recipe on The Tea House Journal.


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