Rooted Regeneration: Unearthing the Essence of our Ginger Elixir

The term elixir elusively suggests some kind of mystical formula, somewhere between medicine and mmm…. Though the loosely defined term is open for interpretation, it gently refers to a honeyed medicinal extract. 

This blend does quite aptly embody the components that serve as a healing tonic while also pleasing the palate with a malty, spicy mouthful. Versatility in a cup, the ginger elixir is deliciously refreshing over ice or revitalizing when enjoyed hot. Its adaptable energy provides warmth in the cold, while that same internal heat can act as a diaphoretic — promoting the function of our natural cooling system by moving heat to the body’s periphery through sweat and enhanced circulation.

Each ingredient has been mindfully chosen and blended to craft a quintessential brew every time. Although it may simply taste like an indulgent refreshment, a tradition of wellness has informed this recipe. 

GingerActually a cultivated underground stem, our ginger matures to perfection for over a year, which allows the plant to rally up all of the rich medicinal compounds and essential oils that supply its pungent spice. While young ginger, normally harvested after six months presents a more mild, sweet taste, the maturation process unlocks the signature subtle heat found in our elixir. It’s no secret that this plant has a wealth of healing properties. Ginger is most commonly recognized for its ability to remedy many different digestive ailments such as nausea, indigestion, and irregularity; but ginger’s healing abilities are not limited to the gut. Among other restorative properties, medical research has revealed the plant’s potent power as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent - actions that can help soothe the damaging effects associated with inflamed conditions like rheumatism and exhibit potential for preventative support against diseases like diabetes and even cancer!  Ultimately, the ginger rhizome is a powerhouse of bioactive components, like gingerols and shogaols, and the signature flavor profile of our elixir.

LonganLongan is a fruit within the same family as the beloved lychee. In dried form, longan expresses a hinted savory tone coupled with the fresh sweetness of a grape and depth of a raisin. Chinese medicine and cultural knowledge suggest that the berry contributes to an individual’s internal heat. As an addition to the blend, longan finds a synergy with ginger, accentuating and preserving its warm energy to create a lasting vibrance.

JujubeJujube, otherwise known as red date, has been valued in Chinese tradition for thousands of years. Throughout history, it has been used in China and parts of East Asia primarily for its protective and toning abilities associated with the brain, especially in relation to conditions like insomnia and anxiety. Contemporary scientific research has affirmed the value of the fruit’s traditional usage, providing evidence of brain-boosting benefits that can affect learning and memory as well. Lauded in ancient Chinese texts as “superior herbal medicine,” Jujube is still used in the same age-old formulae of numerous decoctions and traditional Chinese blends. Studies suggest that compounds found in these medicinal mixtures offer a variety of compounds which support mechanisms involving protection against oxidative stress and overactivity as well as the facilitation of growth within cells of the nervous system. Overall, jujube is a key ingredient that proves beneficial to easing tension and calming the mind.

Black Sugar:  All of these ingredients are seamlessly sealed together with the malty notes of black sugar. Black sugar is a Taiwanese staple and a valued source of commerce in the Okinawa prefecture of Japan. The dense saccharine bars are less processed than sweeteners commonly used in the West and maintain much of their nutritional value as a result. What Americans call brown sugar is actually the same refined white crystal, stripped of all of its nutrients, with a small portion of the molasses added back in. Sugarcane juice intended for black sugar production is slowly boiled down into a molten, deeply pigmented paste without any separation.  With molasses intact, black sugar is a source of minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium and is commonly recommended for women during menstruation in Asia. The therapeutic effects of the minerals can help to ease muscle tension and replenish iron while the depthful sweetness carries an appeal similar to the decadence of chocolate in the Western world. 

We invite you to treat yourself with this hot (or cold) cuppa when you’re in need of a boost of restorative energy, without the jitters or fatigue that follow a shot of caffeine. The medicinal qualities of our ginger elixir make it a great addition to your regimen for remedying a seasonal cold. Roots and rhizomes like ginger function to anchor a plant and store its nutrients for times of deficiency - activating a call for the release of nourishment. During those moments when our inner life force or “qi” is feeling depleted, it only makes sense that much like ginger’s work in the soil, this blend delivers a grounding and regenerative vitality.


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Article written by Mariah Monet J.

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