About us


SILK & JADE is a boutique tea house steeped in providing a mindfully curated tea experience. Guests are welcomed to participate in the art of Taiwanese tea culture through a selection of teaware, delicacies and access to historical knowledge, scientific research, and travel pursuits. While highlighting the untapped yet expansive spectrum of unique oolong teas, SILK & JADE also offers a growing number of tea varietals, including botanical tonics and tisanes.  

The small, family-owned and operated business emerged from the minds of husband-wife duo Joe and Nina, whose unlikely connection began with a cup of tea. As the couple became disenchanted with their work in the fast fashion industry they decided to embark on a project that fed their growing interest with tea and promoted sustainably sourced, high-quality products - an ethos that they’ve aptly defined as “eco-luxury.” 

As a native of Taiwan, Joe’s roots provided the foundation of knowledge around tea that is simply an inherent part of the country’s culture. When paired with Nina’s curious nature, excitement for travel,  and keen palate for supreme quality, the two found themselves in Joe’s homeland, uncovering some of the best ingredients, treats, and teas that the island has to offer.  Each of their premium teas is carefully selected by the family from their adventurous travels and sustained connection to Taiwan through the support and expertise of Joe’s mother, certified Tea Master Lily, who resides in Taiwan and sources oolong tea selections from boutique farms that pluck tea leaves by hand.

At SILK & JADE, the priority is to give guests an informed appreciation for tea that will translate into a lifestyle. The literal connection of the tea shop to their home is reflective of how intrinsic tea has become in their lives and the culture they wish to share. As a brand, SILK & JADE seeks to transcend the transactional relationship of a consumer-based audience by providing a platform that educates and nourishes clientele through an interactive dialogue and authentic tea journey.