Fundamentals of Tea Workshop (Online Virtual Class)

Fundamentals of Tea Workshop (Online Virtual Class)

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Introduction class to traditional Chinese style tea preparation (Gong Fu Cha 101).

By Tea Master, Joe Chou 

During: Approx 90 Minutes 

Package includes:

1. 1 Tabletop tea tray

2. 1 Glass teapot 

3. 1 Doublewall glass pitcher

4. 2 Porcelain square teacups

5. 1 Oolong tea mini pack

     (Jade Oolong      15 gram/.50z)

     (Silk Oolong        25 gram/ .88oz)

     (Amber Oolong   15 grams/ .50oz)

6. 1 Tea Brewing Guide Card (Small Pot)

7. Zoom meeting room schedule and invitation


Recommend Items to have during class:

Table & Chair (A location for the Tea tray and other brewing devices)

Kettles/ Pot (Hot water brewing)

Water (Suggest minimum 1.5 liters) 

Thermals/ Warm water pitcher (Hot water holder)

Tea Spoons (Transfer Tea leaf and beverage mixer)

Large Bowl or Plate (Placeholder for used tea leaves)

Scissors(Opening Tea pouches)

Hand Towels (Surface drying)

Placemat (Table surface protection)

Timer (Optional, to time your steeping sessions)

Class Highlights: 

Introduction to Chinese Tea (Gong Fu Cha): Discussions on Tea fundamentals such as Tea origin, variety, device & usage, benefits.

Tea Preparation Techniques: The demonstration of Chinese-style tea making as a form of art and participation to skillfully brew tea for optimal flavor.  Using a small brewing vessel and quality whole leaf tea, learn to steep tea leaves multiple times with lasting favor.

Virtual/ Online Class Package: During this class, you will learn about tea and how to steep tea in a small brewing vessel with whole leaf Oolong tea.  You will receive at home a brand new Glass Gong Fu tea set and a beautiful tea tray to continue making tea Gong Fu style in the comfort of your home.

E-mail to make reservations for a party.