Jade Oolong Tea 文山包種清茶

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Jade Oolong Tea 文山包種清茶

Tea Master Lily's select Jade Oolong Tea, formally known as "Fragrant Bao Chung" oolong, is the choice oolong among green tea lovers. Cultivated in the northeastern part of the island between Taipei and the Pacific Ocean, the rich soil is accompanied by the clean ocean breeze streaming into the tea plantation. Harvested when the delicate white tea flowers bud to maximize the floral scent, this limited edition batch was plucked and processed fresh in November of 2020.  Prized for use in the double-cup gong fu preparation method, Jade Oolong Tea is perfect for tabletop teapot play because as you pour and spill tea the aroma diffuses about delightfully.  Since scent permeates taste, the sweet nectar flavor layered with a vegetal aftertaste will bring tea devotees an appreciation for the beauty in blooming nature. 

  • Tasting notes:  White Jade Orchid
  • Liquor Color: Golden with a light green tint
  • Origin: Pinglin, Taiwan
  • Elevation: 1,300-2,600 feet
  • Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis
  • Leaf Maturity: Mature
  • Rub: Light
  • Oxidation: Light
  • Twist:  Light
  • Shape: Ribbon
  • Weight: 2.8 oz (80g)


Small Pot Brewing Style (1.5 cup/350 ml or smaller)

  • Water Temperature: 190 degrees F
  • Tea Leaf Ratio: 1/2 teapot full
  • Multi-Brew Time:
    • 1st Brew: 1 min
    • 2nd Brew: 30 sec
    • 3rd Brew: 1 min
    • 4th Brew: 2 min
    • 5th Brew: 4 min