Formosa Matcha 寶島抹茶

Formosa Matcha 寶島抹茶

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The lush, electrically grassy notes of our Formosa Matcha will paint persona into every cup. During cultivation, our powdered green tea undergoes a minimal shading process to create a subtle and fresh taste to maximize and preserve the antioxidant properties of the tea leaves.  The tea is steamed quickly and ground finely for whole leaf benefits. To maintain the color and freshness, keep dry and refrigerated in an airtight container.

King Size: 150 grams (yields about 150 cups!)

Wood Serving Spoon: Wooden Serving Spoon is 1/4 teaspoon.

Product of Taiwan

  • SILK & JADE's Formosa Matcha is grown and harvested in Taiwan.
  • There is no shading in SILK & JADE's Formosa Matcha process – maximizing the antioxidant content.
  • SILK & JADE's Formosa Matcha is truly fresh and easy to prepare. 

Read more about or Formosa Matcha in The Tea House Journal article Matcha Memoir.

Formosa Matcha

Beverage Ratio Guide

Formosa Matcha











 Cold Beverage Preparation (Simple)


  • Shaker (e.g. jar with lid, shaker cup, or cocktail shaker)
  • Measuring spoon and cup
  • Ice (optional)

Instructions:  Prepare cold liquid (i.e. water or fruit juice) in a shaker (e.g. jar with lid, shaker cup, or cocktail shaker).  Option to add ice.  Then add Formosa Matcha based on the beverage ratio guide, more or less to your personal preference. Shake contents vigorously to mix thoroughly. We believe that the unique qualities of this product are best enjoyed as a cold beverage. 

Hot Beverage Preparation (with Alternatives)


  • Measuring Spoon and Cups
  • Matcha Bowl
  • Matcha Whisk
  • Small Seive
  • Water Heating Device (e.g. kettle with temperature control or pot with lid)

InstructionsSift ¼ t. matcha into a matcha bowl or other flat bowl. Heat about water to 175℉ (80℃).* At first add only ¼ cup of heated water to the matcha bowl, and whisk quickly horizontally for about 10 seconds, and then vertically for about 10 seconds, until the matcha dissolves and foam forms on the surface.

  • Alternative 1: Add ¾ water, more or less to your personal preference, and whisk again. Drink out of the matcha bowl.
  • Alternative 2: Pour the matcha mixture out of the bowl into a mug.  Add ¾ your heated liquid of choice and stir for a warm matcha beverage.

*Don’t have a temperature-controlled kettle? Try a food or candy thermometer to gauge water temperature.  If using a pot to boil water, closely monitor and when small ½ mm diameter (pinhead size) bubbles evenly distribute on the bottom of the pot and a few bubbles per second begin to rise to the surface (about 10 bubbles per second) then the water is ready to use for matcha. 

Beauty Tip:  Try adding a ¼ teaspoon of matcha to your favorite homemade facemask.

Storage: To maintain freshness and color, please keep dry and sealed in the refrigerator.

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