Our Golden Teapot! Find our Tea Boutique in Downtown Glendale


Finally, our carefully designed Tea Boutique sign is up!  It only took two months, which seemed like forever and a second while we were coordinating.  My husband, Joe, is the design genius behind the sign, but I was the source of his inspiration.  

Inspiration.  You see, my favorite Korean alcoholic beverage is Makkoli, a Korean fermented rice wine served in a golden kettle and sipped out of golden metal bowls -- which is quite a peculiar tradition if you ask me and I am half Korean.
On our first visit to South Korea together, we visited Namdaemun on a bitterly cold day with a wind chill that left us chattering, my husband spotted a giant golden makkoli kettle hanging high in a small Namdaemun shop.  As we attempted to communicate with the store owner in my broken Korean, we noticed a huge dent in our perfect golden teapot.  We were sad, but also relieved because that giant metal kettle didn't seem like it would be easy to bring through the airport.  Alas, we bought a medium-sized golden kettle instead, which is now displayed in our shop window (faintly visible in the image) and vowed to recreate the image of a golden hanging tea pot.

Design & Engineering.  Successfully, Joe recreated the golden teapot design in Adobe Illustrator - he is a design genius.  While my husband designed the sign, the creator of the physical sign, AA1 Graphics & Sign, did a marvelous job at bringing our design to life.  This local family-owned Glendale sign shop did an outstanding job, and the engineer truly cares about his craft and delivered our vision.  I mean look at how beautiful our sign is (the picture doesn't do it justice)!  In any case, we are so happy with both our window and hanging sign and would absolutely recommend them to our friends and neighbors.

Meaning.  Silk & Jade is a unique boutique that carries modern collections of ancient treasures, including tea, silk and jade.  We believe tea brings community together and is great for health, so tea has become first pillar of our trinity concept shop.  New to Glendale, California, our boutique brings the cultural treasures of Asia to the most western part of the western world, California!

Learn more about our curated collections of tea, silk and jade by browsing through our web boutique or by visiting our shop next to Americana.  We can't wait to share our cultural treasures and knowledge with you!

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