3 Traditions to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

The moon calendar is followed in many Asian countries, but is quite foreign to the western world.  However, watching the moon phases is a very accurate way to tell time, and has been followed by ancient civilizations for farming timelines.  It also is my favorite holiday to celebrate because it is full of life and positive energy.

If you don't already celebrate Lunar New Year, here are 3 traditions to help you start celebrating.

1) Wear Brand New Red Clothing

Wearing brand new clothes symbolizes having new things in life during the new year, while red attracts positive energy.  So before the day comes, find a nice red item to wear for the first time on the Lunar New Year.

2) Gather with Friends & Family

What better time to gather with friends and family than to celebrate and play games.  Gather and eat interesting treats while playing fun games, like Gomuku.  I recommend trying a variety of dried plums, black sesame treats, and Oolong tea.

3) Write New Moon Wishes

During the New Moon, it is tradition to write down positive wishes on a piece of paper, and to carry these wishes close to you (e.g. in a wallet) until they come true.  It is a great time to reflect and decide what is important in life.


There are so many fun ways to celebrate Lunar New Year, but the above three traditions are a great start for beginners.  The main focus should be on family, happiness, wishes, and adventure.  I hope you had a wonderful Lunar New Year!

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