Ginger Elixir

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Natural medicine in a mini brick. Simply dissolve in boiling water, and drink warm.

The Back Story: After discovering this tea on the streets of Taiwan, we discovered that this Ginger tea could help with the symptoms and shorten the duration of a cold, while warming the body. After running out, we looked for ginger tea in multiple Asian grocery stores, and discovered that the quality was unsatisfactory. It took over a year to find a quality source in Taiwan that carried a mini brick with premium taste and natural medicinal effects.

Spicy & Sweet Longan, Red Date, & Ginger: This tea has a subtle sweetness that will warm the body. Longan improves brain function, Red Date alleviates stress and pain, and Ginger keeps the digestive system healthy.

Ingredients: Black Sugar (slow-cooked from Red Cane Sugar Juice to maintain the molasses, iron, calcium, and other minerals); Aged Ginger (ginger that has been under the ground for over 12 months); Jujube (Red Date); and Longan (Tropical Fruit).

Preparation: Dissolve one cube in about 2 cups/500 mL of hot water, more or less hot water based on personal preference. Stir until the black sugar is dissolved and drink warm.


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