Culinary Grade Dried Hibiscus (Organic)

Culinary Grade Dried Hibiscus (Organic)

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Hibiscus Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)

Beautiful culinary-grade organic dried whole Hibiscus flowers 

Weight : 60 Grams

The hibiscus roselle is delicious sipped hot or cold, but provides a particularly refreshing treat when the tart, zesty flower is served over ice.

Originally from West Africa, hibiscus is recognized for its health benefits and regularly consumed as a tea in many parts of the world, including Iran, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The deep maroon pigment of this flower denotes its rich source of antioxidants, revitalizing the body’s immune system with the strength and ability to fight cold, flu, and disease.

Hibiscus tea can also work wonders for the heart, blood, and circulatory system as a whole. Studies suggest that hibiscus can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Though there are a few exceptions to whom the plant may benefit, hibiscus is generally recognized in traditional cultures as a medicinal agent used to cool and nourish the body.

Hibiscus tea is also caffeine-free, which makes it an ideal refreshment to enjoy during a warm summer evening. Recreate the classic mint lemonade with an alternative infusion, blending hibiscus and lavender for a cooling citrus-like beverage. 

Beauty Tip: Hibiscus tea water can be used as a hair rinse to naturally condition hair.

*Not recommended for pregnant women.  Drinking hibiscus moves stagnant energy in the pelvic region, stimulating menstruation and should not be consumed when pregnant. 

**Individuals with low blood sugar and low blood pressure should consult with a doctor before consuming.