Culinary Grade Dried Lavender (Organic)

Culinary Grade Dried Lavender (Organic)

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Lavender (Lavandula x Intermedia)

Weight : 15 Grams

Lavender is widely known for working as potent nervines, relaxing the nervous system — putting our minds and bodies at ease. The dainty lavender buds offer a flavor as mild as their hue; slightly sweet and beautifully aromatic. But don’t be fooled — if you steep these tiny blossoms for a longer duration, they can pack an intensely bitter kick, offering digestive health benefits.

Lavender contains saponins, a constituent responsible for the cleansing quality we often associate with soap. Like an organic, plant-derived soap; lavender’s medicine works both internally and externally to break down congestion of any kind. This menthol-like effect makes it an amazing addition to a warm bath, clearing areas of tension in the body.

Bath Tip: Add Lavender tea to your nightly bath for a relaxing experience.  When preparing lavender tea for a bath, be sure to cover the water as the lavender steeps to retain the medicinal goodies from the essential oils.

*Not recommended for consumption when pregnant due to the extremely relaxing effects on the body.  Consult with a doctor if pregnant.