Gong Fu Cha 功夫茶 -  Fundamentals of Tea Workshop

Gong Fu Cha 功夫茶 - Fundamentals of Tea Workshop

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Introduction class to traditional Chinese style tea preparation (Gong Fu Cha).

During: 45 Minutes

Tea Preparation Techniques:  Chinese style tea making is a form of art  that requires effort and concentration to skillfully brew tea for optimal flavor.  Using a small brewing vessel and quality whole leaf tea, learn to steep tea leaves multiple times with lasting favor.

Learn & Take Home: During this class you will learn to steep tea in a small brewing vessel with whole leaf Spring Oolong tea.  Then, you will get to take home a brand new single cup Gong Fu tea set and a new box of Spring Oolong tea to continue making tea Gong Fu style in the comfort of your home.

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