Pineapple Tea Cake Gift Box of 8 (Lunar New Year 2024)

Pineapple Tea Cake Gift Box of 8 (Lunar New Year 2024)

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Gift Box of 8 square pineapple tea cakes in a Dragon Gift Box, perfect for a Lunar New Year Gift.  Add Silk Oolong for a perfect pairing with a savings of $10 off the tea.

Our Pineapple Tea Cakes are hand crafted from scratch in our Los Angeles microbakery!  Our pineapple jam takes three days to prepare, with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Bring the taste and tradition of Taiwan to your home this Lunar New Year. February 10, 2024 marks the beginning of the year of the Dragon, a year of power, strength, and transformation.  Pineapple cakes are a symbol of Lunar New Year celebrations in Taiwan for several reasons:

  • Symbolism: Pineapple, called "ong lai" in Hokkien (a dialect spoken in Taiwan), sounds similar to the phrase "prosperity arrives." Therefore, consuming pineapple cakes during Lunar New Year is believed to bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity for the coming year.
  • Sweetness and Happiness: Pineapple cakes are sweet, symbolizing a wish for a sweet and joyful year ahead. They are often gifted to friends, family, and business associates as a gesture of goodwill and to foster positive relationships.
  • Traditional Treat: Over time, pineapple cakes have become deeply ingrained in the Taiwanese Lunar New Year tradition. They are commonly exchanged as gifts and are also served to guests during the festive season.
  • Cultural Significance: Lunar New Year in Taiwan is a time for family reunions and honoring cultural customs. Pineapple cakes, with their auspicious symbolism and delicious taste, have become an integral part of the festive celebrations.

Limited quantities, pre-orders by 9pm Saturday 2/4/2024.

Due to the delicate nature of the pineapple tea cakes, we recommend local pickup.  Please select curbside pickup during checkout.  Make sure to include your number and we will text or call to arrange the best pickup location and time.

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