'Stone of Heaven' Collection: Genuine Nephrite Jade


Our Grade A Jade is all-natural!
Never bleached, never dyed.
Jade is the toughest gemstone.
There is an old saying among gemologists, "If you hit a diamond with a hammer, it’ll shatter into a dozen pieces. If you hit a piece of quartz with a hammer, it’ll split in two. If you hit a piece of jade with a hammer, it’ll ring like a bell!"
History:  Jade has been worn for beauty and protection for  thousands of years by ancient civilizations around the world, and was prized above gold in Mesoamerica and Ancient China.
Benefits: Jade is believed to recognize and protect its master, attracting positive energy. Broken jade is a sign of warding off negative energy, and many cultures wear jade until it breaks as protection.  Additionally, Jade is scientifically proven to be a conductor of far infared heat, and regulates body temperature.
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